Axis of Frienship

An Axis of Friendship with Iran Festival was held this past Sept. 12 in San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza in memory of the lives lost on 9/11, and in unity with thousands in Iran who support peace and dialogue.

Thousands of people addressed the crowd on the importance of reclaiming the “axis of friendship” with Iran. The purpose of the festival is to prevent future wars and achieving global peace. Inluential people joined in on the even as speakers such as Iranian-American writer Amir Soltani, Dr. Jeff Ritterman, Nooshin Razani of Military Families Speak Out, and Michael Batchelder of Jewish Voice for Peace.

The San Francisco event ended with the lighting of candles by hundreds of supporters from across the globe.


Karl Rove’s appearance at the Sacramento Metro Chamber’s annual speakers forum drew a small but spirited group of peace activists to the capital city’s downtown convention center. There were more than 2,500 people who attended the event, which also featured speeches by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Deepak Chopra and others.

Although it was an event to promote peace, there were hundreds of protesters greeted attendees arriving for the morning program with signs such as “Jail Rove for Contempt” and “Arrest Rove for Contempt of Congress.” These were a reminder of the disregard by Pres. George W. Bush’s longtime political guru and former deputy chief of staff of a House Judiciary Committee subpoena, and of Rove’s refusal to testify at a July 10 hearing regarding the administration’s role in the firing of nine U.S. attorneys and the prosecution of former Gov. Don Siegelman of Alabama.

Hunt to Make a Difference

Oh, deer! How can your hunter make a difference?

Hunting is an act of sustaining relationship with nature. It is humane shooting. Do you agree with this notion? There is no doubt that the answer is a resounding yes. It is unequivocally agreeable. As you do it, don’t forget to check our best .22 rifle scope. It won’t frustrate you. The scope will even bring out the sharpshooter in you.


A hunter should have a clear overview of what is he into. The prehistoric times has a clear purpose of hunting for food for the whole tribe. Today, however, hunting has caused diversified views and perceptions. Some step out to the woods for diverse reasons. They hunt for food, for recreation, for big scores and for the big game.

How could you hunt to make a difference? How shooting animals in the woods becomes a way of sustaining a good relationship with nature? It needs simple explanation and exemplification. Hunting is seen as a way towards wildlife management. This is to keep balance the needs of the abundant wildlife with the needs of the increasing population of men. It is removing surplus animals in the woods as controlled by hunting laws and regulations and allowed by hunting licenses.

In some places in the globe, hunting is seen as the best way to survive in daily life and to keep the balance of wildlife number. Many professional hunters love this outdoor activity for they will ignite a deeper understanding about wildlife.


Hunting can make a difference of your outlook in life. Being in the woods requires patience and determination. If you are easily get disappointed of your missed shot then it has to be worked out. Don’t fall back. Keep moving on instead. Despite the long hours of waiting, the good hunt is still possible. Make modifications possible.

Relying solely on your rifle for targeting could be frustrating. Getting nothing despite the energy and effort is a nightmare in the woods.  Think of something that can give you accuracy when shooting. Definitely, you probably get it right. The rifle scope will eliminate your worries. It will offer adjustable magnification to make your target appear closer. Hence, a clean shot is most of the time expected.

The rifle scope intensifies the hunter’s vision. Spotting a marauding animal from afar is easily done. The smashing hunter could easily adjust his gun’s sight and shoot at his target. The hunter’s good hunt increases confidence. The hunters enhanced shooting skills make a difference.

Refreshing Quality Time: Splashy Moments in the Pool


In our busy life, we should find all means to keep closer to our family. The hectic schedules and the comforts of living should not pull us apart. We wrap our lives with the tempting world of gadgets that tend to forget important dates and occasions.  There should be something in the home that will keep the strong bond within the family. What could it be?  It should be something spectacular. It should be something that could magnet the whole family. Simply, it could be owning a stunning swimming pool! As you start off, bring your attention here at It gives you a perfect idea on how to keep your swimming pool as sparkling as ever! Match your swimming preferences with the best pool supplies to make it more meaningful.

Pool ownership gives you amazing benefits. It will not only target the health as swimming is a perfect workout but it will also strengthen the family’s relationship.  The pool keeps the kiddos closer. Spending  quality time with the family should not need tons of excuses.  The distractions of the materialism and technological gadgets should not encapsulate our whole being.


The Impetus of Owning a Pool

  1. Breaks daily monotonous routines.A swimming pool is a great attraction in the home. Hence, it’s a perfect setting for the whole family to bond and to get closer. Misunderstanding usually arises when conflicts are unresolved due to our busy world. Find time for the entire family. Bond together, swim together, laugh together.
  1. Creates a happy environment. The thrills in the water bring insurmountable joy and happiness. Performing classic pool games fill the air with joyful shrills and great laughter. Certainly, your backyard pool can help with family moments and fun. Chasing the heat together is a fantastic experience.
  2.  Brings about perfect happiness. Being happy is healthy. Happiness in the family is a good manifestation that everybody is living a good life. Your time in the pool creates happiness that will make you aim the for the best in life. As the pool brings about great health benefits, it brings about total fun and happiness. Health and happiness are sometimes elusive. However, that centerpiece in your backyard gushes forth countless hours of quality time with the entire family. Being with them is total happiness. Swimming with them brings health and satisfaction. In other words, swimming with your family is total happiness for the love and health.

Spending quality time with your family in the pool is something.  It can give you peaceful moments that you can’t get anywhere else. That aesthetic touch in your backyard will not just transform your home into a charming place but will also strengthen the bond in the family to keep the peace and love.  It’s a thing of beauty that brings out real happiness.

Promoting Good Rapport Through Archery


This post is highly inspired by the gems of thought shared by Confucius which goes “Archery enshrines the principles of human relationships. The Archer perfects his form within himself. If his form is perfect, yet when he releases he misses, there is no point in resenting those who have done better than him. The fault lies nowhere but within himself.”

Archery fosters the value of camaraderie and sportsmanship. These are two basic ingredients in making any sports events worthwhile and successful.

Humans are social beings. We usually carve for friendships and companionship whether at work or at play. Being with other people can bring us new horizons for self-development and active involvement. Finally, doing something directly related to your personhood and skills will create an impact that will surely benefit your relationship with the people around you. To get you more inspired to the sport that I’m referring to, visit our website at This will hasten your perspective of archery bows.

Aside from making an aim and releasing arrows, what else do you think happen in the shooting range or in the shooting field?

How can you build strong and positive relationships through archery? Do you still find time to talk with fellow archers while having the target or the field archery?

Believe me, archery provides a strong foundation to build healthy relationships among countries and archers. This is a sportive way to unite people from all over the world. The Olympics gather archers from across the globe. An archer will not merely appreciate archery for competition and recreation alone. The sport is not only to boost shooting confidence but also to strengthen human relationships. Amazing archers meet not only to compete but also to build meaningful connections.

Man as a social being needs to mingle with others to get more inspiration and best examples. Hence, he needs to go out from his comfort zone and join in different worthwhile activities and archery is one of these activities.

Many archers around the world are given a lot of opportunities to participate in various archery clubs across the globe. One of their purposes is to get involved in regular competitions and events. By doing so, they will meet different people. This  is a bridge to foster good relationships. Interestingly, archery is a way of establishing a good rapport that will lead to meaningful friendships.

Throughout the year, many archers, from novice to experts, will gather in club events sharing their amazing experiences and valuable knowledge with utmost sincerity. They don’t look at one another as competitors but as a team that promotes the dignity of archery. Therefore, with this meaningful act of unity, archers from across the globe gain wisdom and superfluous shooting treats. These acts encapsulate the goodness of archery as a sport and recreation.


The Olympics is a perfect event to unite archers from different parts of the world. It promotes the spirit of solidarity, friendship, and fair play. The Cultural differences of the participants will not hinder the principles of good rapport but instead, promotes collaboration. The archers don’t show their differences but willingly share their passion for the sports and endearing love for the bows and arrows.

Archery is a meaningful sport that connects people and countries. Welcoming differences in the name of sports really make a difference!


How Axis of Friendship Began

Scholar and activist Rita Nakashima Brock, of Faith Voices for the Common Good, was a catalyst behind launching the Axis of Friendship in 2008. Here is an interview with Brock regarding how Axis of Friendship began.


Question: How did the Axis of Friendship begin?
Broc: “Last July, Rev. Pat DeJong [senior minister] at First Congregational Church in Berkeley, Calif. (FCCB) and I met to discuss what we could do about the demonization of Iran, and HR 362 making its way through the House, which included a naval blockade against Iran, an act of war under international law. It was clear the US military was in trouble in Iraq, so starting a war with a country 3 times its size whose legally elected government the US overthrew in 1953 was of great concern to us.

We decided to meet with others in the East Bay we had worked with previously in trying to stop the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. At that meeting, I suggested that another war protest would not be news and we needed to include some Iranian Americans to create a strategy they could support. We invited leaders of the Iranian Student Association at Cal Berkeley, an organizer for Iranian voters in the South Bay, and a friend of mine, Amir Soltani, with whom I’d shared a Harvard connection and with whom begun to work on poverty in Oakland.

The Iranian Americans said no one from their communities would show up for a political protest (because of danger to their families and themselves, and disillusionment with such protests), but they love festivals. We decided to hold a US-Iran friendship festival in San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza with food, music, art, and speakers, ending with taking children’s peace art to Nancy Pelosi’s office near the Plaza. We had the speakers first (nine leaders from various faiths and communities, plus a middle school group, which read peace poetry) and called a press conference”

Question: How did you settle on September 12 as the date?
Brock: “The first feasible date for the event last year, given all the political conventions that summer, was September 12, a Friday afternoon. Amir, who had worked as a journalist, pointed out that on that day in 2001, 10,000 people had stood with candles in the streets of Tehran in solidarity and sorrow with the tragedy of 9/11. So, our choice of date seemed ideal to point to the global friendship that emerged that day all over the world. After discussing what to call it, we settled on the Axis of Friendship. A Festival of Friendship seemed to vague and general and needed explaining. Whereas Axis of Friendship directly linked the festival to the aftermath of 9/11 and the invention of an “axis of evil” in January of 2002, which was used to launch “preemptive” wars of aggression.

We decided to hold a candle lighting vigil as the conclusion of our festival and invited other communities to do so. Both Chapman University’s church relations office and the community at Pilgrim Place in Claremont, Calif., decided to hold vigils, and our festival in San Francisco was very successful.”

Question: What else is important for people to know?

Brock: “I think there are many ways for Christians to promote peace. The work of overseas ministries is an underappreciated and underutilized avenue for positive work for peace. At the same time, we have an increasingly diverse society and amazing opportunities to strengthen the Axis of Friendship with people in our own regions. We need to be reaching out to Iraqis, Afghanis, and Iranians who are our neighbors, and befriending them.

I first came to appreciate Iran in college because of work I did in Biblical studies and the impact of Persia on Isaiah and on Christianity. Then over a decade ago I met an Iranian Muslim feminist in London, Roxanne Zand, who introduced me to feminist writings she translated and to modern Iranian artists she was supporting as an art curator. And, of course, I have learned a great deal from Amir and the Iranian Americans I have come to know in the East Bay.”

Promoting Peace With Iran

Negotiators from all over the world have been zeroing in on a deal that would prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon. And all over the world, Global Zero members are speaking out in support of these negotiations. A deal with Iran is an important step toward achieving a world without nuclear weapons. Here’s how a nuclear deal with Iran will move the global community closer to a safer future.

The spread of nuclear weapons is a recipe for increased instability on a global scale. The addition of just one more nuclear-armed country, especially in the Middle East, could dramatically upset regional and global stability. If Iran builds a bomb, its neighbors will feel pressure to arm themselves. This could potentially spark a disastrous arms race.

More nukes also means more potential for accidents and increased likelihood that terrorists will get their hands on a bomb. They make the world a more dangerous place. A diplomatic solution with Iran will break the cycle of proliferation and promote greater regional stability for years to come.

A multilateral nuclear deal with Iran will mark a historical breakthrough and prove that diplomacy can stop the spread of nuclear weapons.


A deal with Iran would be a huge victory for diplomacy and proponents for Global Zero. With a diplomatic solution comes unparalleled verification — ensuring that the international community can confirm that Iran holds up its end of the bargain. It can set a new standard for international inspections and provide a model for dealing not just with “tough cases” like North Korea, but all nuclear-armed states or others seeking to build these weapons. It will also prove how much can be achieved when nations come together and act with urgency and resolve to improve global security.

A deal with Iran will make the world safer and pave the way to a world without nuclear weapons. And the deadline is drawing closer — a deal could be announced as early as June 3